Scherehezade red

Shera Zed Leather injects subtle new levels of feminine refinement and sophistication into the dark-artisan design trend.
Rich authentic camel hide forms the basis ensuring the genuine heart-and-soul of a truly artisan quality.

shera Zed

Shera Zed

Fresh new developments in surface-shinking, re-tanning and polishing/buffing sequences push Shera Zed’s deeply appealing natural accents in a slightly glossier direction creating a unique subdued glamour.
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fire starter

Fire red

Fire Starter Leather is made from the same rugged and richly storied camel hide as Shera Zed, but new processing shifts the focus resulting in a more gender neutral or even masculine direction.
dark land

The surface shine falls short of a burnished gloss, delivering instead a discreet shimmer that softly refracts light across its fine pebble grain.
Swatch Fire Starter

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