A virgin goddess of architecture

Taking its name from the Greek goddess
of architecture and the home, HESTIA,
also meaning ‘altar’ and ‘house’ in Greek,
conjures bright white structures
gleaming in the Mediterranean sun.
Appropriately, ECCO HESTIA’s foundation
is like that of those structures — with a pure
white base as the star of it all.

Clean whites, Clean colours.

From the purest whites, comes the widest
and truest possible colour palette.
ECCO Leather has created the Alu-Silica Hybrid tanning process that makes it possible to produce brilliant, crisp whites, soft pastel colours, and deep blacks.
It is a fresh alternative to conventional
chrome or vegetable processing,
delivering purer colour tones.

Texture & tones mix like divine ­counterparts

The rich milled ECCO HESTIA leather
is further accentuated with Super Fluff™
post ­tanning treatment that intensifies
the soft and spongy, full-bodied touch.

It’s naturally pebbled structure
is then coated with a super fine layer
that adds protection, and maintains the
silky feel and powdery look of pastel colours 
with a smooth matte finish.

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ECCO Leather has invested in a rich tradition of hosting collaborative multi-disciplinary creative laboratories aimed at uniting designers, buyers, production managers, marketers and leather technicians at its annual Hot-Shop events.

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