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The development team in our Open Circle Lab spent over two years perfecting our new Ultrathin® tanning technology. Their aim was to redefine the conventional limits of the "thin split" in the world of premium leather. The result was the creation of an advanced MicroSplit process and launching of our new Ultrathin® range. Now visionary product designers in the technology and electronics segment can integrate the timeless character of genuine premium leather within cutting-edge hi-tech industrial design. Forming this bridge between leather's past and its future is precisely the role ECCO Leather hopes to serve in the world of contemporary product design.
Natural Color Through

Roundkolor ®

Roundkolor® is perhaps our most iconic leather development. Roundkolor tannage is springs directly from long-standing love affair with highly saturated color-through pigmentation and our uncompromising attitude toward premium touch. Roundkolor unites these features with a soft and natural overall handle distinguished by its "roundness" - the leather rolls confidently on the fold creating a look and feel that is resolutely modern and undeniably fresh.

Natural Color Through

Roundkolor ®

Call us crazy, but we feel the Scandinavian landscape of our own heritage within Roundkolor - the sea-softened curves of beach stones and the vivid color clarity of northern skies are hidden somewhere within this tanning process. This is not a surface-only spray-dyed other "painted on" process. As with all of our most significant innovations, Roundkolor is drum-dyed and tanned directly into the hide itself allowing leather designers a wide range of possible product applications.

Two Faced Full Grain

B.O.N.D. ®

Bond® by Ecco Leather was conceived as a leather with two faces. Seeking to reproduce the characteristics associated with "Macintosh" textiles, Bond is the fusion of two hides back-to-back creating a quality distinguished by the unique appearance of full grain on both front and back surfaces. The bonding of twin hides into one quality also creates added body and a superior ability to be formed a sculpted by the designer. In the hands of the shoemakers at The Last Conspiracy, Bond has been used to retain natural full grain surface characteristics over stretch zones such as the toe and heel where it is normally difficult to do so. This has allowed The Last Conspiracy to produce footwear concepts that would have otherwise been impossible. 
Two Faced Full Grain

B.O.N.D. ®

In addition to holding its form, Bond also allows designers to create unlined designs that expose both front and back surfaces including folding techniques. And finally, in applications where the "backside" of the leather is in direct contact with the wearer, Bond delivers the smooth comfort and touch of top grain.

Loaded with Memory

Evermemor ®

Evermemor® by Ecco Leather was developed as a pure celebration of leather's natural "memory". In its most authentic state, premium leather is famous for its remarkable ability to record and reflect the form of the wearer over time. Leather boots adapting to the form and movement of the foot, a leather jacket taking on the posture of its owner, leather bag handles seeming to "remember" the shape of the hands that grips them. And equally the surface itself that records both wear and weather as it mellows slowly over months and years of use.

Loaded with Memory

Evermemor ®

Evermemor was first perfected for Denham who used it to craft a natural honey-toned leather jacket. The fully vegetable tanned quality featured a mix of natural pigments as well as hot waxes. Seemingly from the moment a wearer's arm entered the sleeve a unique shape began to mold itself into the garment – and, with time, its honey tone became deeper and warmer. 
Glow worm

Glow Worm ®

Glow Worm® by Ecco Leather was developed with maverick leather designer and artisan, Alexander Fielden. Ever exploring the fringes of the expressive potential of leather, Fielden approached Ecco Leather to create leather that glowed in the dark. Combining exotic skins such as full-grain Yak with unique a drum-tan recipe that employ a special blend of oils and phosphorescent agents the team at Ecco Leather were ultimately able to help Fielden and his studio realize their fantasy of a leather that glows in the dark. The effect is at once both futuristic and primitive as veins and streams of otherworldly light play hide-and-seek within the natural crevasses of the hide.

Oil Drum
Rugged Waterproof Breathable

Oil Drum ®

Oildrum® by Ecco Leather was a concept that grew directly out of one of the tannery's annual interactive Hot Shop development events. Collaborating with Denham the Jeanmaker among other participants, the creative team at Ecco Leather wanted to create leather qualities inspired by workwear textiles – bedford cords, workwear sateens as well as waxed canvas fabrics.
Oildrum® employs rugged camel hide that is treated to a unique combination of milling and brushing prior to being fully impregnated with a mix of oils and waxes "in the drum". This recipe combined with bespoke pigmentation resulted in a quality evocative of classic waxed cotton while delivering outstanding real world waterproof-flexible performance characteristics. 

Antelope Yak
Superlative Strength / Weight Ratio

Antelope YAK ®

Antelope Yak ® by ECCO Leather was developed specifically for ECCO Shoes in cooperation with the chief Designer Ejnar Truelsen for the Biom Hike Outdoor boot.
The leather is made from Yak, which makes it extremely durable and lightweight due to the thin substance. The embossed nubuck surface makes it more scratch resistant while Hydromax oil treatment repels water when used in wet environment. The Antelope Yak leather gives the Biom Hike Boot what it needs to be a real performance product in extreme rough conditions.
The combination of functionality, design and natural shapes made this boot an award winning product.

Back to hide
Ancient Modern


Back To Hide® by Ecco Leather was inspired in equal parts by the company's work on the feature film Nova Zembla and an ongoing collaboration with Fritz Hansen. Noval Zembla's producers had approached Ecco Leather to recreate tanned skins using authentic processes from the late 1500's.

This exercise inspired the tannery's design team to develop an adapted variation of the process for use in their work with The Republic of Fritz Hansen.
Back to Hide is based on a "whole-hide" tanning approach dating back hundreds of years and produces leather qualities with a uniquely natural tone as well as superlative substance and roundness. The look, touch and handle of these leathers transport one to another time, evoking something both ancient and sublime. 

Grey Wolf


The development-brief for our new GREYWOLF leather series was simple enough, but fulfilling that brief was a bit more complicated. The idea: Employ stable and naturally pliable cowhide material to produce a modern dark-artisan quality with both performance features and esthetic characteristics that would rival new-primitives like cordovan shoulder >>

... the solution was a tanning recipe utilizing a unique double-drum wax treatment combined with full hide drum-dying. Careful sequencing of these stages maximizes the ancient rugged nature of the skin’s inherent grain while producing a deep toned black color with fantastic memory characteristics. Greywolf® delivers the better-with-age attributes of traditional heritage leathers with the shadowy modern sex-appeal of the new dark artisan style.

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