True Indigo
Indigo stack


Ancient Indigo dye alchemy creates gradations of blue, aging and transforming itself during production and use. Continuous experiments with this traditional natural dyeing method for jeans, resulted in distinctive color depth and unparalleled textures in leather. Only by embracing raw imperfections, the real potential of leather is shown. The TRUE INDIGO range turns the icon of workwear into high-end luxury leather for lifestyle-goods.

All facets of denim are worked into leather. From super soft and drapey to heavy and robust textiles, from patches to clouds or uniformity, the range is available in three different finishes of cow and camel. TRUE INDIGO does not hide its distinctive features. It celebrates color and the beauty of imperfection.


The essence of Indigo leather is that it brings different characteristics with one expression. Ancient tanning and finishing can be a time consuming handcraft, while by introducing reinvented dye-method recipes, the TRUE INDIGO range is seasonally available.
Indigo stack


All sorts of rugged and original lifestyle goods can be created. TRUE INDIGO reveals characters and uniqueness over time. Forced by color, merchandise possibilities are endless. The art of traditional natural dyeing brought new value to INDIGO and its nature of imperfection. It’s the brilliant truth, residing in all leathers.

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