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Knowledge is the essence of beautiful craftsmanship.


At B&O PLAY, our unique approach to conceptual design drives us to think in terms of experiences – and we use that story in the way we craft our products. If you stimulate the senses through sound and beautiful design, the brain releases endorphins and you become happier. Natural materials, colour hues, saturation, lightness, surface treatments, textures – each of these matter. Having the right material in the right place matters. Together with sound and design, craftsmanship lies deep in our heart and soul.

Close up

Your first touch of a B&O PLAY product starts with leather and it’s important it’s soft to the touch and comfortable against the skin. We also wanted a material that ages with beauty. We even differentiate our leathers based on where and how they’re used. On our headphones we use soft and flexible lambskin for the ear pads while the headband is made from structured and thick cowhide to withstand wear and tear.

Leather strap

We spend a lot of time going into detail. How will this material look under this light? How do saturation and hues affect the surface finish? We know that great design is about the unity of everything coming together as a whole. But miss one detail and you lose the whole. So again and again we pay special attention to the details.

Touching leather

Together with the concept behind our products, knowledge is what drives our craftsmanship. With Beoplay A1 the concept was about making a product as a perfect travel companion. So we chose aluminium because it takes on all dents and scratches with beauty – the imprints of travel memories.

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